We believe that fresh herbs are a natural and healthy way to add flavor to your everyday meals. Whether you are making a snack, cooking a quick and easy meal for your family, or making something more involved, the addition of fresh herbs will add that extra flavor to transform the taste. From organic living plants that are kept on your kitchen windowsill to fresh cut herb packages that are stored in your refrigerator, Shenandoah Growers offer the variety of flavors and package sizes that are needed to cook whatever it is you are taking the time to make.

Nothing enhances the flavor of food like organically grown herbs straight from the plant. Our living organic herbs are greenhouse grown in the Shenandoah Valley so you can enjoy fresh living herbs everyday. Kept on a kitchen counter or on a windowsill, these plants can provide garden-fresh herbs that are ready to be used at the home cook’s convenience. And with their high natural oil content still at their most concentrated, our living culinary plants deliver a more intense flavor and a healthier product.

While living organic herb plants are useful for cooks who want to use a small amount of fresh herbs on a daily basis, fresh-cut herbs are the best option when a recipe calls for ¼ cup chopped, or more, of a single variety of fresh herb.

A fresh herb blend is a combination of three herbs that are commonly used to flavor a certain kind of dish or cuisine. Our carefully selected herb blends make it easy to quickly season dishes with the perfect combination of fresh herb flavor.

The “Latin flavor” fresh-cut herb line is composed of seven herbs frequently used in Latin cuisines. Accompanied by free recipes and product information written in Spanish, these fresh cut herbs are designed to appeal to the growing Latino market.

Shenandoah Growers offers a diverse line of specialty products from living greens for pets, mint julep kits, hydroponic basil and seasonal holiday products. We're always looking for new ways to engage the consumer with innovative and healthy products. Let us know if there's products you'd like to see.