Bringing Nature Indoors™

Working with (not against) nature to create an optimal environment for plants to thrive

Sustainable Indoor Farming

Our next generation indoor Biofarms™ utilize bioponic agricultural and energy-efficient LED growing towers. The end results is a 100% organic growing process that is modular, efficient, and infinitely scalable.

Going Bioponic

This new growing method uses a soil-based substrate and a closed-loop micro-ecosystem that recreates natural processes. This scalable process reduces our use of water and land resource, and eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers.

LED Growing Towers

LED lighting provides ideal amount of lighting at wavelengths tailored for each crop. Because they’re vertical, these towers use less land than traditional farming. Energy efficient LEDs ensure that we can do all this while reducing our carbon footprint.

Maximizing Food Safety & Security

Seed-to-sale control of the growing process means reliable and predictable yields, year after year. Automation and local production allow reduced food contact and fewer opportunities for contamination.

Sustainable Farming, Sustainable Food

We believe that nutritious, organic food should be available to everyone. Our entire production process, from Biofarm to grocery, is designed to be as green as the food we grow and as efficient as nature intended.

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