Bringing Nature Indoors™

Working with (not against) nature to create an optimal environment for plants to thrive

What Sets Us Apart?

At Shenandoah Growers, we believe in the power of technologically-controlled indoor environments to sustainably transform the future of fresh produce. As the only large scale USDA Certified Organic soil-based indoor growing system in the United States, we are passionate about leveraging cutting-edge science and technological innovation to ensure that our customers receive the freshest, healthiest, most affordable organic produce possible year-round. With twelve growing locations across the country, we couldn’t be prouder to provide organic, local produce to over 18,000 stores every day.

Why Indoor Controlled Agriculture?

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors—at Shenandoah Growers, we know there’s something better. Our LED-powered indoor bioponic growing platform increases yields and reduces waste, enabling us to make fresh herbs available year-round across the country. Plus this proprietary system is environmentally conscious, conserving water and land, and avoiding harmful pesticides.

We believe that nutritious, sustainably produced, and certified organic food should be available to everyone. Our entire production process, from biofarm to grocery, is designed to be as green as the food we grow and as efficient as nature intended. We deliver farm to table freshness in every leaf.

How Do We Do It?

Some call it "Know-How". We call it "Grow-How".

Our proprietary bioponic growing process mimics nature but enhances it with carefully controlled temperatures, light levels, humidity, and water exposure. And because we use just what we need to keep our plants healthy and no more, we conserve valuable environmental resources and set our industry up for a sustainable future.

It’s where the growing process begins. Our bioponic growing method uses a soil-based substrate and a closed-loop micro-ecosystem to reduce our use of water and land resources and eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers.
Seed-to-sale control of the growing process means reliable and predictable yields, year after year. Automation and local production allow reduced food contact and fewer opportunities for contamination.
In our special germination room, our seeds sprout thanks to a temperature and moisture-controlled environment.
Automated fans in our BioFarm simulate natural wind to ensure our plants are in perpetual motion from seed to harvest. This natural movement makes our plants stronger and healthier.
Our energy-efficient LED growing system provides the ideal energy source for our crops. More than just energy-efficient, they take up less land space than traditional farming methods because they grow up instead of out.
Our sustainable approach to water management ensures our commitment to both sustainability and a 100% USDA Certified Organic product. Our bioponic growing process ensures that all our water is conserved, purified, and recycled naturally.
Pest Protection
At Shenandoah Growers, nature knows best. That’s why we only use natural products and methods for insect and disease control in our growing systems.
Plants are grown to size for maximum flavor before they are harvested, inspected, sorted and packed. Our refrigerated shipping system is used to ensure the highest quality and freshest offerings at market.
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