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That's Tasty - Back to Life Spring 2021

Pre-Loaded Living Organic Herb Displays.
Easy Sales. Instant Set-up!

We are all READY to Get Back to Life, and what says ALIVE more than our Certified Organic Living Plants! Our focus has always been culinary, but this spring, we’re offering additional merchandising, seasonal products, & updated sleeving. And the big news, our LOH has LOCAL availability. 1

We know store labor is at a premium, that’s why each of these shippers comes pre-loaded with product.

Half Pallet Display (3-Tier)
Each tier holds 10 cases, 60 plants per tier
180 plants total for the display.
45 x 24 x 20”

Pre-Loaded 180-ct LOH Half Pallet Display!

  • Minimize store labor!
  • 4-pack supplied carriers encourage multiple purchases.
  • Easy to cross merchandise. Set up larger displays for peak shopping times.
  • Seasonal offerings, Easter & Passover, Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day. Check!
  • In/out pallet display + carrier for encouraging multiple purchases = super quick turns!
  • Roll out during peak shopping times (Saturday mornings) and watch the unit sell out by EOD! Ships pre-packed and ready to place on the floor.
  • Market directly to gardeners and grab fast-moving incremental sales that are new for produce. (Shhh! Don’t tell the big box garden centers!)
  • Shoppers buy Basil and tomatoes together. Same goes for Cilantro and avocados. Cross-merchandising drives incremental sales!

Living Full-filled!

Easy Care. Quick Turns. High Volume!
As more of our shopping habits are shaped by the ecommerce experience, impulse purchases are one of the ways brick-and-mortar can boost sales and stay competitive.

36 count LOH Shipper Floor Display
31.25 x 23.5 x 13”

Pre-Loaded 36-ct LOH Shipper Floor Display

Ever notice that it can be the middle of winter, yet one bite of Basil and you are instantly transported to a blissful summer day? Basil Sales are DOUBLE during the Spring Season. Load up our 36 count Floor Display with Living Organic Fresh Basil and watch sales jump.

34% Up

Herbs/Spices are the FASTEST GROWING category in organic produce

Sales of organic Herbs/Spices were up 34% over the last year, with a total of $103M in sales. 2

Living Organic Basil
THAT’S TASTY™ Living Organic Herbs have the HIGHEST impulse purchase rate in produce!3
Love Local
Delivery Within 24 Hours of Harvest!
Now offer consumers LOCAL and ORGANIC product in over TEN VARIETIES.
  • Revive sales with 100% Certified Living Organic LOCAL Plants
  • Expanded BioFarm capabilities = MORE VOLUME TO MEET DEMAND FOR LOCAL PRODUCE
  • Indoor and sustainably grown, non-GMO, and certified organic offers the healthiest flavor!
  • Updated our sleeves to show more plant and display local messaging

Only Shenandoah Growers can make that offer!

  1. We define LOCAL as Harvest, Packed and Delivered within 24 hours and 350 miles.
  2. According to United Fresh Fresh Facts® on Retail Q3 2020
  3. 16% (Compare to fresh fruit 1.7%, fresh veggies 0.7%) Dried Fruit 8.3% and Living Lettuce 7.5% were second and third respectively.